Friday, March 3, 2017

Photo Friday 3*3*17

Last Friday I blogged about the various Dr Seuss Photo Apps. I was able to purchase the Who Me? App and I had a great time making all of my students citizens of Whoville. 
I had their photos printed and then I had each student create a map of Whoville. Their map had to have 4 requirements:
1- Main Square (center of Whoville)
2- The Mayor's House
3- Star Studying Tower
4- Mt. Crumpit (where the Grinch and Max live)
I made our Reading Specialist (the person who organized our Seuss Week at school) the President of Who Nation, Betty Lou Whooligan and I am the Mayor, LuLu Whoickersham.
 My #TeamBFF across the hall decided to join in the fun as well, I made her he Commissioner of Whoville!
The first draft of my Who Person! What fun activities did you do this week?

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