Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Reading Assessment Strategies

My Team BFF and I coordinating for our grade level's holiday program.
Tunics from Agnes and Dora, Leggings from LuLaRoe

I'm very grateful to be on Winter Vacation, for the educators who are still in school, you have my thoughts and prayers! This year my district is out from December 18th to January 1st, we return on January 2nd, that's 11 whole school days of rest and relaxation. 

One area that I've been struggling with this year are my reading assessment scores. I have on level, above level and even gifted readers in my classroom, however, my scores do not reflect that. This tells me that I need to teach more reading assessment strategies. For the most part, we take our reading assessments on paper. We have not transitioned to online testing as of yet so these materials may or may not be conducive to that. 

When we come back from vacation I plan to teach my students about QAR: Question Answer Relationships. I found this great product from Adrienne Wiggins to use with my 3rd graders. 
Click for Link
I plan to use this graphic organizer with all reading assessments. I got this idea while sitting in a CSIT (Child Study Intervention Team) Meeting. Apparently our 4th grade teachers use something very similar to this and I knew I needed to implement it with my 3rd graders. I wanted to teach QAR first because I want students to understand that every answer doesn't necessarily have proof back in the text. 
Reading Assessment Graphic Organizer: Click for Link
A couple of years ago our reading specialist made a "Reading Detective" bookmark to help guide students on assessments. I adapted it to align with this graphic organizer and will print and laminate them for the students to use when we return. 

Reading Assessment Bookmark: Click for Link
All documents have been uploaded to the Teaching Oasis Google Drive but direct links were also included.