Saturday, April 18, 2015

Teapot and the Dragon

Teapot and the Dragon by Nick Jordan
I had an opportunity to read Teapot and the Dragon by Nick Jordan this week. It all the elements that a fairy tale should have a [bored] princess, princes who want to marry her and a fire breathing dragon!
Right away the writing trait "voice" popped into my mind. Jennifer Jacobson, the author of No More I'm Done, gives teachers specific voice strategies to teach students. They are: 1-using interjections 2-fabulous word choice 3-drawing out sentences 4-using dashes.
I found these examples from the book...
1- Whack! Boofoom! Kaablumphh!
2- cheerfully, boomed, massive, swish, swash
3- Kerplonk! Whoosh...kerplonk!; Bonk! Whoosh...kerplonk!
4- flick-flack 
You could use this story to compare how Princess Rosehip felt at the beginning of the book to how she felt at the end of the book. Of course there's always the story [fairy tale] elements to identify, sequencing and summarizing skills you can review as well.

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  1. Thanks for linking up this week! This a cute little book with some great ideas for teaching with it.

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