Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Made It 8*7*17

This week I'm showcasing my fabric tassel curtains I made for my classroom. I saw them in a teammate's room last year and decided to make them my summer project. I bought 5 fat quarter fabric bundles and 2 rolls of ribbon from Hobby Lobby to create my curtains.
Fat Quarter Bundles from Hobby Lobby, $9.99 a piece
Various Patterns in the Bundles
Various Patterns in the Bundles
I cut each piece into 12 strips, about 1.5 inches wide on the 18 inch side the other is 22 inches.
Here are all 300 strips in all their glory! This was enough to make two (150 on each) 78 inch long tassel curtains.
This was after I had tied some to the ribbon.
Here they are hung in my classroom.
As you can see my classroom is finished! I posted before and after pics below. We got the email two weeks ago that our wing would be ready effective last Monday. So I spent Monday-Wednesday moving desks, decorating and unpacking boxes. I had to move rooms this year but my new room is basically the same floor plan except I now have a cinder block corner that I didn't have before so that literally threw my old floor plan off and I needed to regroup, LOL. Teachers report on the 28th and I won't be back until then, welp, that's not true, I am going back to shampoo my classroom carpet, it's gross!
Before- see the two separate set of desks, had to move the set on the left myself since they didn't belong to me!
I'll do a more detailed classroom tour at the end of the month. Looking for more Made It Monday ideas, check out 4th Grade Folics!

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  1. Those curtains look great! I hope you have a great school year.