Monday, February 18, 2019

Famous American Foldable (VA SOL2.4)

We've been studying Famous Americans these last couple of weeks. Virginia changed their Social Studies Standards and now 2nd grade has 10 Famous Americans to study. I started the unit by having students create a foldable of all of our historical figures, then I went back one by one to focus on them. 
I'm using a variety of books I own and access to Mackin Via and Scholastic Bookflix plus video clips from Brain Pop and Discovery Education to teach them. Each day consists of a book/video clip and some type of activity. At the end of each lesson, I give the students a SMART Tag (brag tag) for that person. I got that idea from Doris Young over at Third Grade Thinkers! I never thought of students earning academic brag tags until I read her post. 
To create the foldable, I took a 12x18 white sheet of construction paper and folded both sides inward. Then I cut so that there were 5 flaps on each side. I had students cut and glue the names on the front, photos on the inside flap and contributions underneath the flap. Then we drew and colored symbols over the names of them to help us remember why they're important. It took us about 2 class sessions, an hour, to complete the foldable. 

You can find the foldable blackline masters in the Social Studies Folder of the Teaching Oasis. I used a set from our textbook. I also uploaded the brag tags in the same folder if you're interested. 

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