Saturday, September 3, 2016

Classroom Tour 16-17

This is me before Open House, outfit courtesy of Lane Bryant!
Welcome Bunting
Instead of calling them Brag Tags, I settled on Smart Tags since our school motto is "Coal Miners are SMART." This is where students will store their brag tags through out the week. They can wear them on Fridays.
Guided Reading Area, Fiction and Nonfiction Posters courtesy of "A Year of Many Firsts."
Students will store their water bottles to the left of the sink, under the Hydration Station poster.
Construction paper storage, weekly subject copy drawers and brag tags.
Here are all 108 set of brag tags, in all their glory, took all summer to laminate, cut out and punch holes in!
Teacher toolbox and storage containers. I don't have an official teacher desk so I store all my items here.
Anchor Chart Wall
Cubby Area
Storage and Library Area
Workstations, Library Area, Storage
Desk Area... see my glowing Essential Oil Diffuser... my new favorite item!
Learning Targets, Rules, Whiteboard
Decided to do a selfie theme for my classroom wish list this year.
Schedule, Hand Signals, Super Improver Wall
Writing area, #thirdgrade door.... I intend to use my new fancy Polaroid Zip to take photos of the students in the classroom and put them on the door.
View from the door.
SMORE Folder, Parent Flipbook, Chevron Water Bottle for each student, mini water bottle for the parents.
There you have it, my classroom set up for this year. I hope to focus in and blog about each area weekly.


  1. Your room looks fabulous!! I love your outfit so cute!! Have a great year!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. Your room look beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. Love your colorful room! Are your Smart Tag containers bead holders? I'm trying brag tags for the first time this year too. You aren't worried about having the tags out in the open? Do you give out the tags as they earn them or give out tags on Friday when students get to wear them?

    1. The containers are:

      I'm not worried about having them out, the students will know that they are not to touch them. I literally have no other place to store them, If I put them away I'll forget to give them out, you know outta sight outta mind. They'll earn tags all week, like Tuesday I need to give out a birthday tag and our Super Improver Beginner Tags for everyone. They won't get to wear them until Friday though.

  4. Can I know more about the Super Improver wall? What goes on that?

    1. Check out my blog post here: