Monday, August 22, 2016

Made it Monday: Summer Recap

Next Monday teachers in my district head back to school for Teacher Work Week. I've enjoyed not teaching summer school and allowing myself downtime to reflect on this past school year. I've also created some amazing memories with my family and friends. I've been blogging regularly during the summer and hope to continue once the school year starts. Let's take a look back at all the creations I've shared this summer...

6*20 SMORE Folder Insert- This week I shared the new design for my SMORE Folder's (Take Home Folders) this year. 
6*27- Long Range Plans- This week I shared my long range lesson plans for the upcoming school year. 
7*11 Hydration Station- This week I shared an idea about creating a Hydration Station in my classroom this year. Hop on over to this post for a copy of the sign. 
7*4 & 7*18- Brag Tags- Thanks to my great friend and coworker I jumped on the Brag Tag bandwagon and created tons to share... hop on over to this post for a wide variety tags to use in your own classroom. 
7*19 Seven Habits of Happy Kids Flyers- This wasn't a Made It Monday creation but useful nonetheless. I plan to send these home this year when I focus on each habit. 
7*25 Student Welcome Gifts- This week I shared the gifts I created for my students. I can't believe I'll be meeting them in two short weeks!
8*1 Parent Resources- This week I talked about the Parent Flipbook and the Parent Handbook I'm sharing this school year. 
8*8 Student Birthdays- This last creation focused on how I want to celebrate my students birthdays this school year. I've got everything ready to go in their cute birthday bags. 

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