Monday, July 17, 2017

Made it Monday 7*17*17

For as long as I can remember I've only had two classroom jobs, the Line Leader and Caboose. They coupled as the helpers for the week as well. If I needed more than those two for a task, then they were able to choose additional classmates to help them. 

This summer I wanted to do something different and scoured Pinterest looking for ideas. I decided to implement Team Jobs next year. 

I'll spend the first two weeks discussing the leadership responsibilities of each team during morning meeting. Starting the 3rd week, I will divide the students into eight membership teams. The membership teams will stay the same all year and each team will do a two week rotation on each Leadership Team/Crew.
The Maintenance Crew is responsible for keeping our classroom clean. Not only will they clean up at the end of the day, but they'll remind their classmates throughout the day if their work space is in need of tidying up. 
The Technology Team will get the classroom laptops out for the day and make sure they're secure at the end of the day. They also will help classmates throughout the day if they need it.  
The Transition Team helps when we leave the classroom for resource, lunch and dismissal. 

The Library Team will collect the books on our library day and return them in the morning. They  are also responsible for making sure classroom picture books are placed in the correct basket and that our chapter books are on the bookshelf with their correlating color. 
The Kindness Crew is my favorite! These are the students who will escort classmates to the nurse, compliment classmates and greet visitors to our classroom. They will be trained to to say "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" to any adult that comes in the room. 
The Teacher Assistant Team will pass out papers and run errands. They will also be in charge of reading our Learning Objective before and after each lesson. 

The Cafeteria Crew will remind students of our "SMART Cafeteria Expectations." They will also make sure the table is clean and if any items (lunch boxes, water bottles) are left behind, they grab them and ensure it gets back to the owner. 
The Vacation Crew is the crew that is on "vacation." The only leadership responsibilities they have is encouraging their classmates to do their best on their teams. 

That sums up my team jobs, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Hop on over to 4th Grade Frolics for more Monday Made It ideas!


  1. What a creative way to do jobs! I'm rethinking how I do mine for the upcoming year and seriously like this idea. Thanks!

  2. I usually have each student have an individual job. It become a pain because one student may not get the job they want and doesn't want to do the job they were assigned for the month. I like this idea and will work well in our classroom. Thank you!! :) Cindy

  3. These are great! Are they available to download?

  4. What are your recommendations for the teammates that might be lacking in participation? As in Johnny always is stacking chairs at the end of the day while his teammate Tony just sits and doodles.

    1. At the moment I don't have any. This will be my first year implementing it and we haven't started school yet. But to be honest, 99% of the time, when I tell a student to do something, they do it. My students usually only require one redirection, if any at all.

  5. Love it! Are they available for download?